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Join us this summer for an exciting week.This is a unique camp there is no other like it.


  • Martial Arts Training/Traditional weapons 

  • Staff Training 

  • Stage Fighting

  • Strategy Games & Laser Tag

  • Slack Lining

  • Kung Fu Cinema


The Mornings begin with Martial Arts training. Kids have fun learning how to wield wooden staffs covered with foam, learning ancient martial movements, growing in the awareness of self-defense and playing games that teach strategy and cooperation.


Stage Fighting: Kids have fun putting the art back into martial arts with an experienced stage fighting choreographer. They will learn to fight like in the movies, making it look real.They will create fight scenes and mini-skits.


Laser Tag: Children will explore the importance of team work and strategy and will be able to apply it during our fun excursion to a Laser Tag centre.


Slack Lining:  Kids will work on focus and balance with this exciting new activity performed on nylon webbing, secured between two anchor points.


Kung Fu Cinema: Bruce Lee, David Carradine, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Michelle Yo….. Kung Fu Cinema has been a source of inspiration to young and old. Kids will watch a classic of Kung Fu cinema projected on a large white wall. 



For more info on our Dragon Warriors kid’s program. View our Dragon Warrior video.


Camp Dates:

Session I July 4th to 8th    GIRLS ONLY

Session II August 22nd to 26th   EVERYONE



Times: Session I  - 8:30am-1pm (Half Day) 

            Session II - 8:30am-4:30pm (Full Day)


Cost for the week: Session I - $259 +HST

                              Session II - $449 +HST


Space is limited register now.


We look forward to welcoming your child to the camp,


Wu Xing Martial Arts Team

Summer Kung Fu Camp 


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