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The study of spirituality is very close to my heart; my life has been shaped by it. As a person thrust into the Shia Revolution of Iran in 1979, I found myself in a position were I needed to become educated in order to avoid indoctrination. In 1983 my research into spirituality began, leading me to examine the belief systems of the world. I eventually found the spiritual awakening and answers I was looking for. As a result of my research I have developed a profound respect for a person's right to search, question, grow, and flourish spiritually.


My intention is to provide a space and time where spiritual discussion and search is possible and my hope is that your time of exploration with us will be a significant stepping stone in your personal journey. At this tumultuous time in our history I would like to personally invite you to join us in the discussion of the most important questions of life.


Our programs are not intended to be overly academic, but rather an honest exploration of spirituality. You can join us for guided discussion series; partake in lectures, or one-on-one study.

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Truth Seekers

This general interest program will take you on a guided tour of the world’s main beliefs through an examination of their sacred texts. Through this exploration, you will have a deeper understanding of the world around you and how reality has taken shape. 


Scripture Studies

This exciting series is intended for individuals who wish to explore in depth the Hebrew Scriptures in search of greater insight into life. The Bible is the most misunderstood and vilified of the sacred texts because of the cultural perception that we have of it. However, it contains profound insights that can shed light on the nature of reality. If you have always wondered about the books of history, wisdom, law, and prophecy that make up the 66 volumes of this document, then join us to find out more. This program is intended to help seekers think about the meaning of life and the nature of God.


Spiritual Guidance

You can make an appointment with Sifu Ali Siadatan to discuss your spiritual journey, to focus on questions that interest you personally.




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