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 Classes in the park


As off Auguts 1st we are shifting all classes to Queens park near Museum Subway station.

Join us in the Park for Kung Fu forms & Drills and for Tai Chi.  


Zoom will be here for rainy days! 


Non-Memebers if you don't have an active membership with us you can buy a zoom-pass and do as many classes as you want. E-mail us today to sign up:




Saturday Morning 1,8,22,29


Kung Fu Forms & Tai Chi Class


10-11 am. 


Tuesday 4,11,25


Kung Fu Forms & Tai Chi Class




Wednesday 5,12,26


Advanced Kung  Fu (Brown sash & Up)


6:00-6:45 pm. 


Thursday 13,27




Kung Fu Forms & Tai Chi Class









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