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Get in better shape and achieve a BLACK BELT in a
time-honoured skill. The Kung Fu program for adults is structured to welcome you into beginner's class with no prior training and to build up your health and skill level
. Kung Fu is a mind-body exercise that develops focus and confidence while relieving stress. The mind becomes sharp and fluid, and strategic thinking is cultivated. The body becomes strong, flexible, and fit.

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Kung Fu

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Kung Fu

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Kung Fu

For Baby-Boomers

Baby-boomers are assessed by
our Registered Massage Therapist. Old injuries are communicated to all instructors and we make sure that martial arts training doesn't injure you but rather puts you on track to better physical health.  

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"Wu Xing Martial Arts has been a valuable investment for my work. Whether I am travelling to some of the poorest regions of Sierra Leone, Kenya, India or Ecuador working on development projects..."


-Marc Kielburger

Executive director of Free The Children


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'I started Kung Fu four months ago at Wu Xing with no previous martial arts experience. Within this short space of time, Kung Fu has helped me really focus and sharpen my mind. This really helps at work where I am constantly in different meetings, dealing with sales executives and running reports for several stakeholders..."


-Paul Moran

Sales Excellence at Microsoft Canada


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"As someone over 40, I had no idea whether the martial arts could even be an option for me. Wu Xing has had a huge impact on my life. It has changed me physically, and I wasn’t even sure if that could happen at this stage – or if I could even keep up. A way of moving through life with a minimum of friction and a maximum of serenity. And that is a gift."


-Terry O’Reilly Host of Under the Influence at CBC Radio

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