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What "The Globe and Mail" has to Say about our Tai Chi program

"Tai chi is essentially a slowed down form of martial arts. Every movement is a self-defence application in which the opponent is imagined. But for most people..."


"Over the last year I have engaged in extensive study and practice with Sifu Ali and have gained a much deeper understanding and appreciation of Tai Chi, particularly in regard to its martial arts foundations." 

 -Dr Carter Snead

Head, Division of Neurology at Sick Kids Hospital. 

"I have been a regular student at Wu Xing for about three years primarily in Tai Chi but I have also taken private lessons. Sifus Ali and Shelley are wonderful teachers who bring lots of experience and heart to their work. This is the place to learn not just the forms of Kung Fu and Tai Chi but also their inner meaning and depth. Couldn't recommend this studio more."


            -Brian Kirsh, MD

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Tai Chi is an amazing combination of a MOVING MEDITATION and physical exercise. The practice gradually cultivates a CALM AND CENTRED MIND in the player. Tai Chi limbers and strengthens the body and gets the internal energy or “Chi” to flow better. The movements can be done at various degrees of difficulty. Many are surprised to know that done with a low stance, the heart rate increases into the cardio range. As an 800 year-old art, many generations attest to improved health and longevity through Tai Chi practice. 

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