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Summer is the season of the heart. In Chinese medicine at different points of the rotation of the earth around the sun different energy lines (meridians) and organs are most affected. The same way that the rotation of the moon around the earth affects the water systems of the planet, the seasons affect the workings of our organs and general energy levels. The dragon style of Kung Fu corresponds to the summer. It is a time of intense activity, to be sluggish in the summer is to be out of harmony with the season. Be active and eat light. In Chinese medicine the associate organ to the heart is the small intestine.

This long organ digests foods and absorbs their nutrients which it sends directly into the blood supply. keep your blood clean you feel better, less angry more calm.Ginseng and peppermint are great teas to have in the summer. Some examples of fire element foods would be: bell Peppers, hot peppers, Cayenne, curry,tomatoes, meats, fish, poultry,eggs, yogurt, tempeh.Join us for an indepth exporation of dragon style kung fu this summer. Enjoy our sunny Toronto.

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