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Qigong for Yogis & Yoginis w/ Shellie Siadatan

Qi means Life Force Energy. Gong means skill. Qigong is the skillful practice of gathering, circulating and applying Life Force Energy.You will leave this workshop with new ways of opening and closing your Yoga classes using Qigong.There will be a special emphasis on the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. First we will locate the 3 Dantians (energy fields) and then locate the 12 acupuncture points that are stimulated during the circulation of chi through the vessels.We will then do the traditional Gwan Gong Stroking his beard standing microcosmic orbit meditation. This regulates the chi in all 12 channels of the body and helps to release trapped emotions.Qigong is one of the oldest and base practices of TCM which makes it a valuable and practical addition to your Yoga skillset.I look forward to helping you deepen your practice.Sign up now using our new online store, and secure your spot as space is limited, or follow the details below:Preregistration required: 416-972-9652Date: Saturday June 9th 6-8pmLocation: WuXing Martial ArtsCost: $48.00+tax

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