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Tai Chi Sword Series

A fun way of working out, this set utilizes the elastic movements of the snake & crane. It’s a natural continuation to the Tai Chi set. The twisting, leaping, crouching, sinking and rising actions feel good.There is a sense of empowerment and sharpness as the 2 hemispheres of the brain & the 12 meridians unite. The Chi flows.This series is accessible to beginners. And highly recommended to those who have completed the Tai Chi set.8 week series October 11th to November 29. Thursdays 8-9pm.Series & Sword : Cost for the 8 week series including good quality wooden Tai Chi sword is $ 149. ( $120 + $29) If you have done this series before or if you know the set and are looking for a refresher you can join us at 1/2 price. (offer valid only for Wu Xing Martial Arts members)e-mail us at admin@wuxingmartialarts.comor register at the front desk by October 9th.

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