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Tai Chi a Moving Meditation

A lot of us would like to calm and focus our mind, settle our inner world, less anxiety more peace. In Toronto we are bombarded by noise and confusion we desperately need an art that centers us and clears our thoughts. Silent Sitting meditation is a common technique, stilling the body, isolating the mind and gradually through breath control settling the mind. This type of meditation is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks that any body could undertake. Tai Chi offers a bridge into the silence. The slow movements and deep breathing gradually settle down the inner chitter-chatter. The movements of the form allow the mind to focus on an activity this makes it easier to settle down. The form takes about 30 minutes to do and that is the right amount of time for the inner world to enter a pool of calm. Tai Chi qualifies as a moving meditation. In my personal journey one of the great jewels of Tai Chi practice has been cultivating the stillness of mind at the heart of the movements. The practice allows me to take time out of my day and get centered. Taking that focus into my life has improved the quality of my daily walk, and allows me to better focus on what ever it is that I may be doing. For those interested in cultivating the internal energy “Chi”, a focused mind is key. The Chi responds to the mind, a scattered lens scatters the Chi. Improving the flow of Chi through daily Tai Chi practice improves the health of all of our organs. The moving meditation of Tai Chi Chuan is one of the most effective ways that anybody could gain that sought after calm and focused attitude that we all seek living in the tempest of cities like Toronto.

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