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Kung Fu for everyday living

My inspiration to study Kung Fu came as young boy watching Bruce Lee on the big screen in my native Tehran. I thought to my self, i want to become like him . And so a seed was planted in me that grew and flourished latter leading me eventually to teach the art. As I have grown older my understanding of what kung fu can do for me has changed. I have come to realize with time that the human body is an extremely sophisticated instrument, we have the ability to have incredible visions and thoughts, we can fathom the infinite, discover secretes of the universe, we can communicate with the Most High, we have a wide range of emotions, in our mind/body there are gates of consciousness, systems of energy, our nerves sit in living waters. We are capable of deep accomplishments and unspeakable evil. Kung Fu has allowed me to better understand and work this sophisticated instrument. This has affected positively all of my life. As a result of Kung Fu training i generally feel more grounded and centered, after all life is ultimately expressed in the physical world not in the ethereal, it is important to be in the here and now and be mindful of the details of life. Kung Fu practice has helped my consciousness be more rooted in my body and as a result i function better in the world of action and don’t remain a prisoner of thoughts and emotions. I am aware that Kung Fu moves my “CHI” and i emotionally feel more at peace and balanced as a result of training. I have learned through Kung Fu to focus my mind, push through pain, pay attention to details, stay healthy, and learn to defend myself, which is very empowering and confidence building. It’s also a life long process, a life style, it works as long as you do it. Kung Fu is an art, and unless you take a creative spirit to the practice hall, you will never discover the essence of the art. Ultimately like Bruce Lee insisted many times, “it’s about expressing yourself honestly”. Your mind, your body, your spirit. Living in the heart of Toronto, I am glad to have Kung fu in my life.

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