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Kung Fu Panda

I recently saw Kung Fu Panda. I liked it very much, I think that it can inspire a whole new generation of Kung Fu enthusiasts. Kung Fu cinema has over the years inspired hundreds of thousands of people to become practitioners, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Lee, and many more talented artists have set high standards for us to reach. Kung Fu Panda speaks to the heart of kids the idea of using actual animals to portray the styles was brilliant. The central message of the cartoon is that “any one” can learn and become a master and I agree as learning is a process. At Wu Xing, our kids Kung fu program initiates children to the 5 animal styles of Tiger, Crane, Leopard, Snake and Dragon. We encourage the kids to find the inner animal that lies dormant in them, to become the dragon or the tiger. Visualization is a great tool. We have the kids visualize the qualities of the animals growing in them, they imagine a courageous Tiger, a wise snake, a powerful dragon, a fast leopard, as a result their minds grow towards these qualities, we see it in their Kung fu and parents and teachers tell us that they see change in their lives. Kung Fu for kids is in my opinion one of the greatest investments that any one could make, planting seeds that will bear fruit through out life. Congratulations to the makers of Kung Fu Panda for inspiring a new generation to follow in the foot steps of the great masters of the art.

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