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Yin-Yoga Classes

I have been looking for some time for a style of yoga that would improve our flexibility for the movements of Tai Chi & kung Fu. I am happy to say that as of October we are introducing Yin Yoga.This style affects the yin tissues; our deep connective tissues, bones & joints, mostly in the hips & spine increasing our range of motion. The increased flexibility will improve our techniques and help us prevent injury. The atmosphere of the class is deeply relaxing. I recommend it to all Wu Xing warriors. Please consider recommending the class to a friend.Starts: Monday October 3rd to November 28thTime: 9:15-10:00 amFee: $ 20 per class, 4 classes for $ 72, 8 classes $ 136.(no class Oct.10th)Sign up by september 30th in person or on the phone. Drop-ins are welcome.

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